U12 Red vs Torrens Valley

By WWSC Admin
June 17, 2017

Torrens Valley U12 hosted Woodside Warriors U12 at Birdwood Park. After a lazy weekend off from the league Torrens Valley hosted Woodside to get back into the season. The game kicked off with the regular line up in the regular poistions this resulted in a 4 to 0 first half to Woodside.

For the second half the coach decided to mix things up a bit (when I say a bit I mean a lot) forwards were put into defence, defence and mid were all mixed up and they were all playing in positions they were not used to, it was a bit like watching a fish out of water. The team came together and backs had a good chance to score the final score ended up Torrens Valley 2, Woodside Warriors 6.

A big thanks to Torrens Valley for hosting Woodside.

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