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No trials

We welcome all! Whatever standard you're at, it doesn't matter. There's no requirement to prove yourself to us other than a positive attitude. We'll work with whatever you've got to give.

Minimum training

This club is not about you dedicating every waking hour to it. Single training a week. Typically Wednesdays or Thursdays. Games played on the weekend. That's it!

100% fun

If you're not having fun you're playing for the wrong reason. Sure, you'll improve your skills and be challenged, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself at the same time.

Trading Cards

You got it! A full set of player cards of you, your team, your coach and team manager. It's a great little memento to stick on your shelf for all of time.


Open access to a couple of events over the season. This includes a disco and a movie night, hopefully played in the middle of our pitch (weather depending of course). Bring a buddy.


New to the 2022 season we'll be printing a book; a compilation of photos and match reports of your season. We're making memories here! Conditions apply though.

Family Friendly

The club is a safe place for you and your child, with strong connections between our little players, our big players and all families.

Team Spirit

There's nothing like a bit of team spirit to keep players engaged in both the club and the sport. You'll enjoy your time with us.

Skills Development

All of our coaches are certified, or at least in the process of gaining certification. As expected they're all compliant with working with children.

Interested in playing with us?