All inclusive

Is a truly all inclusive club that looks after ALL members of society possible? Let's give it a shot.

All inclusive

Woodside Warriors prides itself on a friendly and positive environment for players and families to enjoy being part of the world game. Unfortunately not everyone is wired for team sport and there are certain members of our society who have a different set of challenges to others. These people could include anyone with any sort of spectrum disorder, in addition to anyone with a physical disability.

There's not much point any community group saying they are all inclusive if there are members of society who are missing out through no fault of their own. The concept is to introduce a division to our club that caters for these members of our society who love the world game but feel left out.

As much as we'd love to say this particular division within our club will definitely happen we can only achieve this with strong community backing. For that reason the club is seeking your interest and feedback, and encourages you to fill out our Registration of Interest form. This way we can get a gauge on who is out there that is interested and to what level they're interested in getting involved.

Registration of Interest Form

All going well, and numbers and support reflect that, we may be able to introduce a short course for anyone interested. It could be weekly sessions over five to eight weeks mid to late year. Interested? Fill out the form.