U12 Red vs Stirling District

By WWSC Admin
June 3, 2017

Woodside U12 Red hosted Stirling District U12 Red at Woodside, on Saturday 3/6/17. Round 6 of the season saw Woodside U12 red host Stirling District U12 Red for a 9.00 am start. The 1st half seemed to be going well for Woodside however the seemed to be slightly off tune to how they can play with Woodside going to half time with a 3 to 1 lead it seemed like a reasonable start. After the break Woodside tried some plays but 5 offsides, 3 players involved in the one offside didn’t help their cause. Stirling came back to give a full time score of Woodside 3, Stirling District 3.

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