U12 Red

U12 Red vs Hahndorf

Woodside Warriors U12 hosted Hahndorf at Woodside. This was a game we were looking forward to, as when we first met it was a 9 all draw. There was anticipation all week how this game would go, would it be high scoring would it be a draw. The outcome is now known.

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U12 Red vs Mount Barker

Mt Barker U12 Red hosted Woodside Warriors U12 at Anembo Park. What a game this was the score line does not reflect the effort that went into the game.

The first half was a cracker with a half time score of 2 - 2 this was going to to be a tight game right down to the wire.

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U12 Red vs Torrens Valley

Torrens Valley U12 hosted Woodside Warriors U12 at Birdwood Park. After a lazy weekend off from the league Torrens Valley hosted Woodside to get back into the season. The game kicked off with the regular line up in the regular poistions this resulted in a 4 to 0 first half to Woodside.

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U12 Red vs Stirling District

Woodside U12 Red hosted Stirling District U12 Red at Woodside, on Saturday 3/6/17. Round 6 of the season saw Woodside U12 red host Stirling District U12 Red for a 9.00 am start. The 1st half seemed to be going well for Woodside however the seemed to be slightly off tune to how they can play with Woodside going to half time with a 3 to 1 lead it seemed like a reasonable start. After the break Woodside tried some plays but 5 offsides, 3 players involved in the one offside didn’t help their cause. Stirling came back to give a full time score of Woodside 3, Stirling District 3.

U12 Red vs Strathalbyn

Strathalbyn Soccer Club U12 White hosted Woodside Red U12’s at Strathalbyn. Woodside U12 Red team play came out again in this match they opened up some good opportunities playing down the line which led two some good in front of goal action. At 1/2 time the score was Woodside 6, Strathalbyn 1. The second 1/2 bought about some more good plays from all, with the game ending at a score of Woodside 8, Strathalbyn 1